The Still Mnd Studio

'using creativity to calm and still the mind'

New for 2018 is actually a revival of a project that has its roots in Derbyshire.  When we lived there we were blessed to work with a group of talented holistic practitioners and offered classes, courses and retreats.  

We have decided to revive the project but give it new wings.  The Still Mind Studio is based in our home on the Isle of Arran.  Fiona is a meditation master and also has a great deal of experience working with colour therapy, crystal therapy and intuitive art journaling.  In recent years it has been her textile art studio that has flourished.  Now the plan is to bring both worlds together.  

Using a fusion of meditation (and related practices) and textile art Fiona is putting together a programme of one to one sessions, group classes and online learning.  The aim is to use processes within textile art to embrace and extend meditative being as a way of enhancing our wellbeing.  A programme of classes already exist within the Earth Threads Studio and more details can be found HERE.  Some of these classes are already indicative of what is to come.  In addition, Fiona runs an intuitive journaling course once a month and she is leading a day of meditation & intuitive art journaling in July.  

A brand new programme will begin to emerge over the coming months.  In the meantime we are trying to create a wee community of people on and off the island who would be interested in becoming members of the Still Mind Studio.  Membership is FREE and means that your email will be added to a distribution list.  You will then be the first to hear of opportunities as they arise.  We will also be sending out regular 'bliss moments' in the form of creative and meditative exercises to introduce you to the work of the studio and deepen your personal practice.  All you need to do is contact us via our CONTACT PAGE and we will do the rest.  

We are also going to be extending our product range in our online shop to include items to aid wellbeing by being deeply connected with the Earth.  

We, very much, look forward to working with you.