One week on....

It has been quite a week in the Doubleday house.  Normal things have been somewhat compromised by the launch of our online store on the Summer Solstice.  Since the moment it launched we have been busy parcelling up orders before a wee daily visit to the post office in the village.  The post office backs onto the beach and we have ventured onto the beach to ensure we never miss an opportunity to collect beach finds for our Seashore products.  

We are delighted that, to date, something from each collection has sold which is just the feedback we need.  We promised ourselves that we wouldn't sit still.  Those that know Fiona well know that to be an impossibility anyway!  We have new products already listed in the form of our Dream greeting cards as part of the Vintage Threads collection.  

Planning and creating is also underway for a brand new collection which we launch in mid August called 'Sustainable textile gifts.'  We are excited to be bring some more unusual textile pieces onto the site and also introducing a new artisan to join team Earth Threads.  

This collection will also include textile bowls made from waste and natural materials designed and made by Fiona - more on that very soon.  

May we just take this opportunity to thank everyone who has purchased from us and given us feedback in our first week of trading.  We could not be more pleased.  xx