Bringing together all our threads

This is a very exciting venture for us.  Some years ago, before fair trade became popular, we ran a small fair trade retail business and loved every minute of it.  When the deep recession began to bite we knew we were vulnerable so let our shop go and concentrated on other income streams.  This included scaling back and developing our own textile crafts to sell.  In recent months we have decided that the time is right to bring all these threads together into one place and that place is the Earth Threads online business.  To us Earth Threads is a place that celebrates the beauty of textiles from different corners of the world as well as through time.  We have a love of all things vintage and have developed upcycling skills that have allowed us to take the old and give it a new contemporary look and feel.  Earth threads allows us to bring together our love of fair trade textiles, our own textile work, upcycled textile work and creative kits that enable others to start their own textile journey.  

If you love textiles you will love Earth Threads and we very much welcome you along with us on this new and exciting creative journey.  

You are all very welcome.  xx